Saturday, September 12, 2015

Here Kitty, Kitty!

This week's stars ~ and they are stars!

Meet Henry ~ handsome, dignified, long and lean Henry.

He's gorgeous inside and out. A quiet fellow he enjoys just sitting with you and the occasional hug.

After a short getting acquainted period his curious side came thru and he started climbing.

This sweet 2 year old neutered boy is available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter, 303-326-8280, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011. Ask for Henry - A174961.

Our next star couldn't be more different. Smokie is a non-stop kitten!  It was difficult to get a decent photo of him as he was on the move!

This 5 month old boy came to play!

And what a curious climber, too!

If you like to play with kittens, this is the guy for you! Frisky, funny and lovable ~ we laughed non-stop playing with him! Aurora Animal Shelter 303-326-8280, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011. Ask for Smokie - A175200

You may remember 4 year old Bella

She was the overweight girl we had made our "project." We were on a mission to help her lose weight, get some exercise and find a loving home. We expected to have her around for a long time.

When we walked into the shelter yesterday we were concerned that she wasn't in "her room." Once we found our favorite Vet Tech we learned BELLA WAS ADOPTED! The three of us hugged, high-fived and even had a few tears. We are so happy she has a home and truly hope she continues on her healthy path. We have to admit, though, we will miss her. Be well, dear girl!

There's a new girl in the private cat room now! Meet 3 year old Penney ~ who actually resembles Bella in her beautiful coloring and markings. 

And like Bella, she needs to lose a little weight so she's our new "project" and we're helping her to get on a healthy path as well.

She is a lover girl who purrs and purrs and loves being pet. The more time we spent with her, the more her funny, silly, adorable personality came out!

I love her. She's 3 years old, spayed and ready for a loving home that will help her along her healthy weight loss path. Aurora Animal Shelter, 303-326-8280, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011. Ask for Penney - A175248.

A return visit from beautiful 4 year old, Nina  ~ she's still looking for a home ~ same shelter, same phone, same address. Ask for Nina - A174675. She's a cuddle bug ~ curious, playful and loving!

And you may remember Suzie from last week. She is a year old, gorgeous, playful, curious and a cuddle bug, too! Same shelter, same phone, same address ~ ask for Suzie - A174295.

After we spend time with these beautiful creatures we develop a connection with them. And although we miss them when they leave we rejoice in their happiness in finding loving homes with loving families!

Go get 'em!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kittens and - oh my goodness - Puppies!!

Stars of the week:

Suzie!  She is 1 year old and a spayed black and white tuxedo cat. Oh my goodness ~ what a love. I know I say that a lot but just spend time with one of the lovely cats at the Aurora Animal Shelter and you will feel the same.  

Suzie is playful.

Suzie is adorable.

Suzie is curious.

Suzie is a sweetheart.

She is available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter 303-326-8280, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, CO  80011  Ask for Suzie #A174295

And, of course, we checked in on our favorite girl, Bella!  

She is still in her own private luxury suite so she can get plenty of exercise and chase her favorite catnip toy. 

And the best news ever ~ she is going to get some special food that will help her lose the weight she needs to lose.  Win-win!! She's like ~ Say what??

I love how much everyone at the shelter cares so much for Bella and is pulling for her to reach her goals! She's one lucky kitty to have so many people caring for her. And someday some family is going to be super lucky to call her their Bella!

She, too, is at the Aurora Animal Shelter and would love a foster family to see her along her journey.  Ask for Bella #A174018.

And on a side note... oh my goodness look what we found!  Three little brothers ~ Saint Bernard Akita mix ~ and all love and snuggles and cuteness!  




Each one cuter than the last ~ all available for adoption from the Aurora Animal Shelter.  Ask for Cisco - A174980, Scooter - A174979 and Thumper - A174981. Go get 'em!!