Sunday, June 28, 2015

Animals in Full Bloom

One of the happiest things about spring and summer is watching nature come to life in brilliant colors.  We typically plant our outdoor flowers and plants in late spring ~ hoping to avoid Colorado's heavy rains and winds and hail. This year, however, late spring/early summer found us traveling with no time to create our little garden.

Realizing that July is five minutes away we decided to forego the way we typically plant our flowers - those little six packs of blossoms putting them carefully in soil pot by pot. We made it easier on ourselves by purchasing already well-established flowers in full bloom planted in hanging baskets as well as a large pot of gorgeous blossoms for our front porch. 

What does this have to do with "The Meaning of Life" you ask?

This morning as I was grooming the baskets by carefully and gently pulling off the dead blossoms it occurred to me that there is a similarity between a full grown mature pot of flowers and a full grown mature cat or dog.

Most times the hard work has been done for you (if they are raised right). They may need a little grooming, they may be a little rough around the edges, but they are beautiful. All they need is some tender loving care, some time spent with them and they will blossom and reward you for a long time. Granted they may not be with you as long as a young plant ~ or a young puppy or kitten ~ but the rewards are even greater.

I love puppies and kittens!

Annie - 8 weeks old and available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter - Aurora, Colorado

But a passion of mine is finding loving homes for those who are maybe only a year old ~ or four years old ~ or six years old (like my puppies were when I adopted them) ~ or 10 or more!  As long as they are healthy they have a right to life! They are full of life and fun and joy and deserve loving homes, too! They are so often overlooked and it is a shame.

Benny - 1 year old and available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter, Aurora, Colorado

These two have brought so much joy to my life.  

There's a dog or cat in full bloom out there just waiting for you, too.  Go get 'em!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Little Monkeys

Returning home from the shelter I am always so incredibly happy to see my two little monkeys. They greet me with wagging tails and their little puppy dog dances .

Seeing shelter animals and the longing yet hopeful look in their eyes would be more than I can bear if I didn't know that good things do happen to shelter animals. I mean my two little guys - both adopted at age 6 - once looked out from behind the shelter glass with that same look. And their life turned out alright. 

They like to wait for their Dad to come home and have their special spots.

Their Dad likes to cook and Koko (on the left) has always liked being his "sous chef." This morning Kizzie (on the right) took an interest so we called her "sous chef in training." Koko is hoping this means a promotion for him. They were getting a lesson in handling raw meat.

Koko is all boy. He loves cold weather and snow.

Koko is all boy. He smells worms and bugs and rabbit poo on walks. And he chews with his mouth open. (Which - to be honest - is pretty hilarious.)

Koko is all boy. He likes to bug his little sister. Endlessly. 

Koko is all boy. He makes messes and doesn't clean them up.

Kizzie is kind of a princess ~ all girl. She likes to choose the most comfortable spot in the house. And then claim it for her own. For all time.

Kizzie is all girl ~ a real fashionista!

Kizzie is all girl ~ she eats like a lady.

Kizzie is all girl ~ neat and tidy keeping her toys in order.

But in the end ~ they are both adorable, both beautiful, both loving, both funny and sweet beyond words. I could not be more grateful to The Universe putting them in my life...

All boy. He just can't help himself.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Every Living Soul Deserves a Name

Of course I still love dogs but I'm having fun remembering what it is like to be around cats. My second day of volunteering at the Aurora Animal Shelter was awesome!  

First we (and when I say we from here on out I mean Yukari and me) discovered there is yet another newly decorated cat room at the shelter! Design students from Aurora Community College (I hope I'm right on that) and their instructor have done all the research, design and hard work making two awesome play rooms for the kitties!  They are adorable.

Tee - hee!  It's kinda' true.  *wink*  But I love my dogs to the moon and back!

When we walked into the "Cat Room" today I was at first surprised to see quite a few empty kennels where cats had been last week. Relief set in when we talked to a staff member and she assured us that a number of the cats had been relocated to other shelters, some to rescue groups and some were at PetSmart up for adoption ~ all of which gives the cats more exposure and a better chance at being adopted! Yay!

In talking with this friendly staff member we asked ~ this may sound funny, but the cats who don't have names... can we name them? She laughed and said, "Of course! They should have names! And it might even help them get adopted more quickly!" The only thing we had to check was that their five day hold was up and they were, indeed, available for adoption. (The Shelter holds animals for five days to give owners time to claim them if they already belong to a family. If no one claims them in five days, they can be adopted out.)

As we walked farther we saw a couple of familiar faces from last week and then omysweetgoodness ~ the kittens. There were kittens. Adorable, cute beyond words kittens. So what better place to start naming?  After they all got a little mani-pedi from us the naming began!

This is Annie.  She is 8 weeks old and available for adoption!

This is Cancun (you'll have to ask Yukari the reason for the name...). 
She didn't want to hold still so this is the best shot I got of her.  
She, too is 8 weeks old and ready for a new home!

Meet Diva. She lived up to her name. (ha)  Honestly she's a sweetheart.
8 weeks old and looking for a loving home!

The last kitty we named 
(but there are more soon to be ready for adoption) is Eden.
She, too, is 8 weeks old and would love to come home with you. 

Sunny is a year old sweet boy. 
We took him to the play room but he wanted to stay 
in the cat carrier so we let him. He's really a love ~ you need him, right?

You might remember Benny from last week. Personality Plus+++  
He loves to play. I just adore him.
He's only a year old and would love a fun, active family! 
Or he's happy to sit on your lap and purr, too.

There was a lot of activity at the shelter today ~ lots of staff members (all so friendly!), a few more volunteers and people coming in with lost animals hoping for microchips, people looking to adopt and the volunteer decorators were putting more fun touches on the shelter design and decor. It was a super happening and fun place on this last Friday in June!

My first day volunteering was overwhelming and tangled with emotions. I told myself on the drive to the shelter this morning that every visit will get easier and get better. I was right!!!! It was a great day.

But the best day will be when there is no need for a drive to the shelter because every sweet kitty soul and puppy soul has a family and a loving home.  YY 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Life Changer Looking for a Loving Home

There are so many wonderful animal shelters and animals rescue organizations in the Denver Metro area so I'm highlighting another.  

The MaxFund is a no-kill shelter in central Denver and they have been around for a number of years.  You can read more about them here.

A sweet little girl has recently stolen the hearts of the staff there.  

Looking for a home!

An adorable Pekingese/papillion/Yorkie mix approximately 8 years old is currently residing at the MaxFund and looking for a loving home.  We are told she is so special ~ a real life changer ~ dog peeps, you know what that means. She is super duper special. She is on thyroid medication but that's no big deal. She is recently spayed, full of life and just waiting for that special someone to come along and scoop her up!

As someone who has adopted two adorable adult dogs ~ despite their small "issues" I can tell you it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I'm here to say you can teach an "old" dog new tricks! And there is no more grateful dog than an older dog who has been abandoned/surrendered ~ then adopted into a loving family.  A true second chance. Best. Dogs. EVER!

You can contact the MaxFund for adoption information here.  Hurry ~ she is sure to be scurrying off to a home soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adopt A Cat Month

Hey kids!  There is still one week left to celebrate Adopt A Cat Month!  There are so many sweet snuggle bugs just waiting for you at The Aurora Animal Shelter!

These three are just a sample of the cats patiently waiting for you! I didn't get a photo of the kittens - but there are adorable kittens there, too! I can tell you from personal experience that there is no more loving pet than one that is rescued from a shelter! All they want is a safe, loving home...

More photos to come!  Until then go see for yourself!!  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Looking for a Home...

My first visit to the shelter was a learning experience for sure. Every step of the way I was so grateful to be with Yukari as my guide and teacher. If I do this right there's a lot more to it than just playing with cats. I have to admit, though, that was my favorite part. All these cuties - and more - are available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter in Aurora, Colorado.  Go get 'em!  They deserve loving homes. Y

This beautiful boy was planning his play time.

First step - check out this person behind the lens. 
She's ok. So now, on with my plan.

Next step - jump in a crate

Wait. Maybe that one is better.

Or wait... maybe that one is better.

Maybe I'll just sit here and dream about someone special 
coming thru the door and taking me to my forever home. Y

This ol' gal let me know what she thought of me.

This guy was happy just to chill under our chairs.

This little one kinda' stole my heart.

She liked to jump around.

It was difficult to leave her after she kissed my nose... 
and wanted to follow me out the door. L

So what are my feelings? I don't know. I don't know what my feelings are. The experience was overwhelming and I'm still trying to take it all in. I have the ability to block sad feelings so in this case it will work in my favor.  I'm only sad because, as any animal lover would, I wish I could take them all with me. 

All I can do is give them love and fun when I am with them and do my best to promote their little lives and the shelter and find them homes!