Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Little Monkeys

Returning home from the shelter I am always so incredibly happy to see my two little monkeys. They greet me with wagging tails and their little puppy dog dances .

Seeing shelter animals and the longing yet hopeful look in their eyes would be more than I can bear if I didn't know that good things do happen to shelter animals. I mean my two little guys - both adopted at age 6 - once looked out from behind the shelter glass with that same look. And their life turned out alright. 

They like to wait for their Dad to come home and have their special spots.

Their Dad likes to cook and Koko (on the left) has always liked being his "sous chef." This morning Kizzie (on the right) took an interest so we called her "sous chef in training." Koko is hoping this means a promotion for him. They were getting a lesson in handling raw meat.

Koko is all boy. He loves cold weather and snow.

Koko is all boy. He smells worms and bugs and rabbit poo on walks. And he chews with his mouth open. (Which - to be honest - is pretty hilarious.)

Koko is all boy. He likes to bug his little sister. Endlessly. 

Koko is all boy. He makes messes and doesn't clean them up.

Kizzie is kind of a princess ~ all girl. She likes to choose the most comfortable spot in the house. And then claim it for her own. For all time.

Kizzie is all girl ~ a real fashionista!

Kizzie is all girl ~ she eats like a lady.

Kizzie is all girl ~ neat and tidy keeping her toys in order.

But in the end ~ they are both adorable, both beautiful, both loving, both funny and sweet beyond words. I could not be more grateful to The Universe putting them in my life...

All boy. He just can't help himself.

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