Friday, June 19, 2015

Here We Go!

So tomorrow is the BIG day! The first day I walk into the shelter and not just to donate something. Donations have always been a big deal for me ~ I think every cat and dog should have their own blankie, their own toys and of course, food and treats. So I've donated a lot of those things over the years, as well as a few buckaroos here and there.

But that's easy - that's keeping the real thing at arm's length. Not any more. It's time for me to pay back.  Pay back to the caretakers at the Dumb Friends League for taking such good care of A-choo so we could bring home a healthy, playful, funny, beautiful cat.

Party Animal

Beautiful girl

Thank you to the same Dumb Friends League for reading our minds when Ben said, "I have the perfect dog for you two."  And "Sophia" now Kismet aka Kizzie was first on our list of dogs we wanted to see. And the last.

Kizzie's first night home.

Happy dog - she is joyful and gentle and oh so sweet.
We love her so... Y

Beautiful girl

Six months later I fell in love with this little guy's face on the Dumb Friends League website. We adopted him that afternoon. The poor little guy was shaved (save his adorable face) because he had been neglected and was terribly matted when he was surrendered.  :(

Koko's first night home - sleeping in his new Dad's arms.

It didn't take us long to unearth the goofball in our boy. Oh my goodness. 
Full of energy and naughtiness and clever little games ~ 
and he makes us laugh every single day. 
At 7 years old he is finally the puppy he never got to be.  
Oh how we love him. Y

Beautiful boy

I hope I can pay it forward by taking loving care of cats (and eventually dogs) at the shelter and hold them in good stead until they can find their forever homes.

Here we go!

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