Saturday, August 1, 2015

Adopt Don't Shop ~ And Have You Considered Fostering?

One thing I have learned with my Foster Fail (Kia the cat) is that having three rescue animals in the house again takes time and training. Thus falling far behind on my blog posts.

I spy a cat.

And then there is this monkey... 

Her favorite spot. Away from the dogs.

Two shelter cats that have stood out in the last two weeks:

This 4 year old orange/red tabby is a hoot!  He's incredibly outgoing, curious and confident. He's a bundle of love and energy.  

He is a funny guy - as in he had us laughing with his antics.  He climbed on the "obstacle course/trapeze" all the way to the ceiling!

He's a thinker. We could see him problem-solving his way to the top of the tower. He's obviously active and an adventure-seeker.

He did it!!  The only cat we have observed making it this far!

Once he had accomplished his goal he was ready for treats and some relaxation ~ and purring.  

He is truly a gentle giant and just a GREAT cat!  He's available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter, 15750 East 32nd Avenue in Aurora, Colorado 303-326-8280 - ask for A173954. He's a keeper for sure!

Up next is this great guy - a gorgeous, healthy 5 year old grey/brown tabby. He is another curious boy, playful and oh so adorable! 

He has an spirit of adventure, too, and enjoyed climbing the trapeze.

But the best part?  He's a cuddle bug, too! He loved being held and purred loudly. He was so relaxed after exploring and climbing he just curled up and listened to us chatter on.  

I mean, come on ~ look at that face!  He's just waiting for you at the Aurora Animal Shelter, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 303-326-8280.  Ask for A173786.  You won't be sorry!

If you can't adopt right now or aren't quite sure, consider fostering. Fostering an animal gives them a break from the animal shelter and may even save their life. And wow - do they relax once they are in a real home! I can tell you from my fostering experience (which lasted about 5 minutes before we adopted Kia) it is a wonderful way to really get to know an animal.  

While fostering your foster animal is still available for adoption and you can provide valuable information about the pet ~ which in turn makes it rise to the top as far as adoptability!  You have first-hand knowledge of what this animal is really like and that is gold!

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