Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's International Cat Day!

In honor International Cat Day let me introduce you to some awesome kittens and cats available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter - 303-326-8280 - 15750 East 32nd Street, Aurora, Colorado 80011

We nicknamed him "Chase" ~ because that is what he loves to do! A frisky, fun and lovable 7 month old black and white beauty. He made us laugh non-stop. Ask for A174286.

This is Sam. He is 3 years old and just a love. He would be quite happy to sit next to you while you read a book or knit a sweater, leaning over to pet him often.  He is A173396 - go get him!  

And there are a bevy of blue-eyed beauties as well! Incredibly sweet and so beautiful! Three month old Laya (A173507) ~ what can I say that her eyes don't already say? Ack - amazing. 

And she has an identical twin brother A173486. "Ghost."  A face like this is too beautiful and the heart too precious to be behind bars... Y

This gorgeous boy, Stefon, is a year old and a bundle full of love.  Ask for A173873.

Stefon is quite bonded to this sweet girl (no name available but ask for A173876). She is a year old as well. She has a slight eye problem and is under medical care for that; she will be good as new before you know it. It would be lovely if they could be adopted together. Y

And, of course, this one is an Aurora Animal Shelter alumni ~ my sweet Kia. She wishes you all a very Happy International Cat Day and highly recommends you adopt one or two or three to call your own.  

Go get 'em!!

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