Friday, August 28, 2015

Meow and Wow!

Bella is back for a repeat performance! Yukari and I and one of the wonderful Vet Techs at the shelter are on a mission to help Bella lose the weight she needs to lose and find her the best home ever.

We were thrilled when we walked into the shelter today and learned that Bella has her own room! Because she needs to lose weight and needs exercise she has been allowed out of her small kennel and is living in the big "Cat Room!" It is a wonderful place for her to be so she can get all the exercise she needs.

Today she had a good time with her little catnip pillow. She even chased after it when we threw it for her! It was adorable.

She's such a sweetheart. I think we wore her out. J She will sleep good this afternoon!

Bella could really benefit from a good foster home. She needs a special diet, plenty of exercise and needs a little help cleaning her bum (until she loses the weight). She loves to be pet, cuddle and purrs like a non-stop purring machine! If you're interested in fostering or adopting her ~ a reminder of her information:

Bella (A174018) can be found at the Aurora Animal Shelter, 303-326-8280, 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011. She is only 4 years old and has many, many good years ahead of her! She's a really special girl. Y

Our other special girl today was Nina. She, too, is 4 years old and available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter. Ask for Nina - A174675.

She was shy at first but warmed up quickly. She was curious and loved climbing!

After exploring nothing is better than a snuggle, some lap time and purr time.

She's a sweetheart. I know I say that about these cats a lot, but they really are. And they are always so happy to spend quality time outside their kennels. It is an honor to give them that time.

Nina may be having a special day today! She is probably going to be one of the "chosen few" and be transported to a local PetCo as a featured adoptable pet! Yay! If you live in Aurora and she's not at the shelter ~ check around at the local PetCo's. She may be at the PetCo on Quincy & Buckley in Aurora. Good luck, little girl! Y You deserve a loving home!

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