Friday, August 21, 2015

The Terrific Torties of Today!

Live from the Aurora Animal Shelter ~ two beautiful tortoiseshell cats!

Meet Bella (A174018).  She is a love - a pure purr machine! Bella needs someone special in her life. She needs to lose some weight to make her life much easier and much more enjoyable. She deserves that. With the proper care ~ a healthy diet and plenty of play and exercise ~ she will be a new kitty!  She's only 4 years old so has a lot of years ahead of her. All she needs is someone to see how lovely she is and commit to helping her. Y How rewarding it would be to watch her transform!

We spent over an hour with her today in the special "cat room" and she walked almost the whole time. We were amazed at her energy and so pleased that she wanted to please us. She displayed an excellent command of "Come, Bella" as she would walk back and forth between us. It was so sweet. 

She loved being pet and cuddled and wouldn't stop purring. We kind of fell in love with her sweet, sweet soul.  Y

The other tortie we met today was a bundle full of energy. Meet beautiful Mittens. She is only 2 years old and just as a 2 year old should be ~ frisky, active, curious and full of fun! As with all long-haired cats, if not properly groomed and brushed on a regular basis they can become a little matted. Mittens has a couple of shaved spots and a few more mats that need attention. Having a proclivity toward long-haired cats myself I know she just needs a little hair-stylin'. Heck, it's only hair ~ it will grow back ~ stronger and more beautiful than ever!

Oh and we discovered she is quite the poser. She loved the camera! And the camera loved her.

She was fascinated with the outdoors and enjoyed watching the dogs at the shelter being walked. Note to new family, though... her front paws are declawed (ouch! Done by previous owner...) so she definitely needs to be an indoor cat. Buy her a cat tower or two and put them by the window and she'll be happy as can be.

She's a charmer! And she let me know when to put the camera down and just play with her.  *wink*

Both and a few other adorable kitties are available for adoption at the Aurora Animal Shelter 303-326-8280 - 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011.  Go get 'em! 

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