Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meanwhile on the Home Front...

We had some interesting weather yesterday. I was working in my studio when I heard the faint wail of sirens which got increasingly loud. I flipped the channel to the local news - nothing. So I concluded perhaps the sirens were just a test.

A few minutes later - ah, there it is. Several funnel clouds spotted - oh my - right in my neighborhood. In the past I would be the one on the deck with my camera searching out the best (read that most dangerous) looking sky. Something in me clicked this time, though. I'm responsible for three beautiful souls and I owed it to them to be as safe as we could be.

So when the meteorologists were strongly advising "take cover if you live in this area" I took it seriously.  So I packed a bag with water, treats (human, canine and feline), an LED flashlight, my laptop, my phone, batteries, adapters - you know the typical we'll-be-here-for-days type stuff.

Koko was already in his Thundershirt so we were good to go.  Go to that mysterious place called "The Basement."

You see, Koko and Kizzie aren't allowed in the basement. It is unfinished and full of all manner of stuff - a virtual playground and recipe for disaster when two puppies descend.

This is what it looked like to be in forbidden territory. The dogs explored as I tracked the storm. As Koko is very reactive to storms exploring the basement was actually a good distraction for him.

He thought perhaps it was Christmas.

Kizzie had other distractions. Kia merely enjoyed her position as Princess 
~ kind of like Princess and the Pea.

We moved upstairs as the storm passed; but the fascination did not.

Someone else was quite pleased the thunder was gone.

And then - as time went on and Koko went to bed (he's always the first to bed) the most amazing thing happened.

Almost a month in to Kia's adoption and I was beginning to wonder if she would ever acclimate... I found hope.

Of course, there is still some work to be done. *wink*

Kizzie: Ahem. Kia ~ that's my lap.

Oh here we go...

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