Saturday, July 18, 2015

And Yet Another New Experience...

My volunteer-ship (is that a word?) at the Aurora Animal Shelter has been kind of backwards - by my choice and I'm grateful they were willing to let me do it this way. Typically the first step is to attend a Volunteer Orientation meeting, have a tour and sign up for an individual training session to experience a typical day at the shelter. I had to miss the June meeting because I was out of state. I was given special permission to have Yukari train me because I was ready to get started.

So the other night I attended an official Orientation meeting and met the Director, the Manager, the Shelter Vet, the Volunteer Coordinator and an Animal Protection Officer. They all provided helpful information followed by a Q and A session and a tour. The room was packed and I was excited to see so many wanting to help the animals there. I came away energized, excited and motivated!

So Friday morning I donned my shelter shoes (I have special shoes I only wear in the shelter so I don't bring anything home to my pups) and my shelter uniform of cargo capris (plenty of pockets) and a tee. I walked into the shelter with new energy and confidence. It was fun to see some of the friendly faces I met at the Orientation meeting all ready to get to work. Yukari and I chose three cats to visit with.

This grey tabby girl with enormous green eyes was a hoot!  I think she was about a year old. She is full of curiosity and playfulness. She cracked me up. She's adventurous, loving and sweet. What a purr machine! We think she would be great for a family and most likely would get along well with other family pets. Ask for #A173704.

And a sweetheart

And then there was this gorgeous 1 year old Siamese mix little boy. He was a little shy at first but warmed up to us quickly. He enjoyed playing with the feather toys and being pet and snuggled. He was very affectionate and curious ~ just a sweet, sweet boy.

And lastly we visited with this 12 year old beauty. She was quite shy at first so we let her take her time to feel comfortable. As we talked she started exploring the room. Before long she was wandering over to us and crawling up on our laps. When she curled up on my lap and purred endlessly I was really touched. She seemed to be in no hurry to leave! She is a real cuddle-bug and loves snuggling! Although she is 12 years old she is full of energy and quite vibrant! Cats can live a long time ~ my cat A-choo lived to be 21.5! So this sweet one could have many, many loving years ahead of her. Ask for #A173616.

Here she is posing for her close-up with Yukari

*Full disclosure* When this little one who went by the name Puddy Tat... would not leave my lap I started getting choked up. I thought about how every time ~ every single time ~ I visit the shelter there is always one cat that stands out and I think hmmm... should I adopt?

This is the first time a cat has found me. I really felt she was asking me to please give her a chance. I know that the kittens and 1,2, and 3 year olds have a much, much better chance of adoption than an older cat and because of that I have a passion for senior cats (and dogs). She was the oldest cat I had seen in the shelter and I worried about her chances of finding a home. In fact I overheard someone admiring her but rejecting her as an adoptive pet because of her age. That was an arrow thru my heart.

But I didn't know if we really were ready to adopt ~ and my dogs are my first priority. They are my family and I have to respect their well being and their feelings. Yukari suggested maybe fostering her. I have never fostered and didn't know what it involved. But in talking with her and learning about her vast fostering experience I called my husband to see if he would be willing to let us give it a try. 

He loves animals as much as I do so I thought he might say yes. He sighed and said, "You can't bring them all home ok? But bring this one home."

So as I type Puddy Tat ~ now renamed Kia (K-eye-a) is sleeping comfortably in the guest room just off my studio. I'm a foster Mama and he's a foster Papa and we are ever so slowly going to introduce her to Kizzie and Koko. I'm over the moon in love with her. She is a little ball of furr and purr. 

Stay tuned to follow the adventures of foster parenthood and a little bundle of love named Kia. Y

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