Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Toby Needs a Home

Although my main focus volunteering at the Aurora Animal Shelter is "cat enrichment" (which means playing with cats) we do take a stroll thru the dog kennels once in awhile. There are so many adorable dogs with those classic puppy dog eyes just wanting to come home with me. Ack - it's hard sometimes...

I'm more of a small dog person so I'm naturally drawn the the little guys. One particular little boy caught my eye a couple of weeks ago because he reminds me of my Kizzie girl. 

(This is Kizzie; not Toby)

Toby is 3 years old, neutered, micro-chipped and has all his vaccinations. He is sweet as can be - super mellow and I would say the perfect lap dog. I was super excited yesterday when while making dinner I just happened to hear from the television in next room "Coming up on Petline 9 we have Toby from the Aurora Animal Shelter!"

Whoa! I texted my partner in crime -- well my partner in volunteering -- Yukari  -- immediately to tell her. Luckily she was home and we both got to share in Toby's big television debut! (You can view the full video here - just look for Toby the 3 year old Cairn Terrier Mix Looking for a Home.)

He did such a good job!

He sold the cute really well!!

My dog, Koko, loves to watch TV.


And sometimes a movie break on my lap in my studio...

But Koko goes bananas - absolutely bananas - when he sees any kind of animal on TV ~ but especially when he sees a dog on TV. 

You will never guess, though, what happened when Toby came on television yesterday. Koko watched very intently but did not react - did not bark, did not go bananas. He just watched.

Of course me being me took this as a sign from The Universe that we should probably adopt Toby and add him to our little pack. (Totally forgetting my previous post.) 

But I talked myself down from La La Land and remembered I can't adopt every dog and cat I fall in love with. What I can do is do my best to promote these little guys - every single one of them - and help find the loving homes they so deserve.

So somebody please go get Toby! He's a love and deserves to be loved. His adoption - and adoptions for all cats and dogs 1 year old and older - are FREE this week. After that they are available for a nominal fee.  The Aurora Animal Shelter is located at 15750 East 32nd Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80011; phone 303-326-8280 and the hours are Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm; Saturday 8:00am - 4pm -- closed Sundays.

I'll stop crying now. 

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