Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oooo! Ahhhh! But Keep Your Furry Friends Safe!

The 4th of July weekend is upon us!  Yay for family time, a day off work, barbecues with friends, trips to the mountains ~ whatever you and your family enjoy doing. Often our pets (especially our dogs) are part of the family time as well.

Along with some rather loud booms and bangs that go along with the 4th... firecrackers and fireworks are a tradition.

Not everyone enjoys them, though. They can really freak dogs and cats out and set them into panic mode very quickly. To them all they want to do is get away from the noise. If not closely monitored, many run away trying to escape the noise.

Which explains why July 5 is the busiest day at animal shelters ~ people turning in stray animals they find wandering the streets ~ lost and frightened. But actually they may be the "lucky" ones. Others won't make it to shelters and may even lose their lives to accidents or attacks.

I would be devastated if my little guys ran away.

Which is why our 3rd and 4th of July will be spent at home (after some vigorous morning hikes) with just my husband and my little monkeys. We'll make yummy food and play fetch and may even bring out the tunnel. 

We'll play loud music and watch action movies (and don Thundershirts and eat calming treats, too...)

My friend, Yukari, has some excellent suggestions for keeping your pets safe on the 4th. Take a peek at her blog post and keep your pets safe and happy on this fun ~ but noisy ~ holiday!

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