Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dream Big Because Good Things DO Happen!

Well I shed a few more tears for little Toby yesterday.  But these were tears of joy!


Toby was featured on our local NBC affiliate 9News 4 O'Clock broadcast on Tuesday, July 7 and a couple adopted him the following morning!!  The same 4 O'Clock broadcast showed a photograph yesterday of the happy couple with Toby ~ who looked happy but a bit overwhelmed by all that had happened to him in less than 24 hours!  

This being the first real connection I felt to an adoption as a shelter volunteer I was kind of in shock for a minute. Good things really do happen! Sweet deserving animals do find homes. I was reminded of something Yukari told me: "Positive things always happen in a very quiet manner. But they are happening!"

I was so overjoyed I emailed the news anchor to say thank you for their ongoing feature Petline9. The power of media is just what these little guys need. (By the way, he replied to me within 15 minutes - to say thank you for being a volunteer at the shelter and that all the folks at the station love Petline9 and are happy to share the stories.)

Ever since I saw the ranch below I've had a dream of buying a beautiful farm as a rescue sanctuary for abandoned, abused and homeless animals. (I've read Jon Stewart is doing that in New Jersey. Yay, Jon and his family!) 

Of course the one I want happens to be in Carmel-by-the-Sea (the Pacific Ocean is just on the other side of that mountain). And it isn't for sale. But it surely planted a seed!

When I dream I dream big, folks. You'll have to come visit me in La La Land someday ~ it's a lovely place. 

So now in addition to that dream I thought ~ wouldn't it be lovely to have a local television program ~ even just a 15 minute long program to feature local cats and dogs (and ferrets and birds and bunnies - you name it) who are looking for homes?  A 15 minute long daily time devoted to showcase the little ones who never have a chance ~ who will never been seen.

La La Land ~ it's really a wonderful place.

Till then I guess I can do the next best thing and feature photographs of the cats and dogs I visit at the shelter on my Facebook pages, Instagram and in this blog. Maybe I it's time to reactivate that Twitter account... Now what was that password?

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