Monday, July 20, 2015

Foster Fail

If you read my previous post you know that I have been trying my hand as a foster parent fostering a shelter cat. 

And as most people who know me ~ starting with the folks I know at the shelter, then my family, then my friends, then my husband predicted ~ I am indeed a Foster Fail. Let me explain...

In retrospect I think the seed was planted when I overheard someone reject her because she was 12 years old. That bothered me. I was pretty much a goner when she sat on my lap and would not leave. Then - stick a fork in me 'cause I'm done - when I felt myself tearing up. Gah.

So I filled out the paperwork, met the Animal Protection Officers at my home so they could do more paperwork and do a home inspection and my husband and I were off to the shelter to pick up our foster girl.

I have experienced this with my dogs and heard it from almost everyone who fosters/adopts a shelter pet ~ the transformation once they are out of the shelter and realize they are going to be in a real home with people who love them ~ well, the transformation is remarkable.

They relax.

They get familiar with their surroundings.

Listening to her puppy dog brother sniff on the other side of the door.

They start to play.

Nothing says happiness like a rat filled with catnip!

And they get to know their people.

I haven't worked in 3 days.  How can I with bundle of love laying on me??

And eventually they realize... I'm staying!!!

Yes. We were Foster Fails in less than 24 hours. Truth told I was the minute I decided to foster her. It took just a bit longer for my husband to admit it but the day after we brought her home, he said, "Do you think we should keep her?"  I said, "Well if everything works out with the dogs, I would like to. I just love her."  Him, "Oh let's adopt her. If we have problems with the dogs we'll just call Yukari." (our dog/now cat trainer and fabulous friend).  

Today I signed the adoption papers, paid a nominal fee and bingo bango ~ Kia is now officially part of The K Team.  (I'll be updating their Facebook page to reflect that soon!) 

Speaking of the K Team my friends have remarked they haven't heard much about them (Koko and Kizzie) since Kia came on the scene. The three of them have yet to have any visual contact ~ we're working up to that. Right now they are sniffing thru doors and sniffing blankets to become accustomed to each other. Now their food bowls are placed on blankets (Kia's food bowl on a blanket that smells of the pups and the pups' food bowls on a blanket that smells of Kia) on either side of the guest room door where she is staying. So far, so good! Soon we will be doing the feeding routine in the same spots but with a puppy gate between them. Won't that be interesting??!  *wink*

So it's official ~ Kia is ours. Why Kia?  (Pronounced Keye-a) Well first Puddy Tat doesn't suit her.  She's beautiful and deserves a beautiful name. Second ~ we kind of have this K theme going with Koko and Kizzie (Kismet). Third ~ I Googled the meaning of Kia to find that the definition is loosely based on Chinese origins meaning "Arise or come up out of." Perfect! She's out of the shelter forever!

As for Koko and Kizzie ~ see for yourself. I think they're doing ok.


Mohawk rockin'

So...... stay tuned as we introduce The K Team to their new sistah!

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